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MAKING A DIFFERENCE: in Innsbruck CORTECH presented CAMPUS ONE, the first product signed SNOW DIFFERENT

The brand new CAMPUS ONE was placed side by side with the Lynx in the crowded CORTECH's stand during the INTERALPIN 2015 exhibition in Innsbruck.

CAMPUS ONE, a memorable brand for Cortech yet revolutionary at the same time, is the product which introduces the "Snow Different" series, an innovative range of products to change the game in snowmaking.

CAMPUS ONE is a centralized and fixed unit that can easily be integrated into existing snow making systems ensuring top level performances.

The Concept presented at the exhibition unveiled some innovations that will be kept on the final version:

  • The Soft Bumpers, special protections installed on every part of the machine, including the fan unit, to ensure the safety of the people on the ski slopes without compromising the design and integrating perfectly wiht it.
  • MBC, or Modular Block Construction: a modular design to ensure substantial benefits both technical and economical, for the servicing and the upgrading.

As for the technical specifications, the core of the unit, follow us in the coming months: we will show the CAMPUS ONE in its final release and we will reveal its most impressive features.

Stay connected for more news about the premiere!

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