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> Technique

Technics have always played a leading role for CORTECH, this is specially prooved by the several patents registered over the years. On this ground, CORTECH can be defined a real R&D laboratory besides a company. This technical leadership allowed CORTECH to bring out over the years some products that represented a real revolution in snow making. Letís make some examples:

  • Campus Pole, the first pole snow gun worldwide to use air/water nucleators.
  • Hydrobox, the first concealed box with hydraulic and electric connections for snow guns.
  • Skitrack, the cross country ski trail tracer to be towed by a snowmobile.

An important know how that CORTECH has fully included in its new products:

  • Lynx F9, Lynx F13, Lynx F16, Lynx F22.
  • Hawk, Hawk autonomous.
  • Skitrack Std, Skitrack Pro.

Snow Making calculations

Snow/water ratio

The Snow/Water transformation ratio is 2,3, meaning a snow density of 435 kg/m3. This kind of snow can be easily worked with a snowgroomer yet very resistant to the wear caused by ski. A ratio below 2.05 can cause the release of water over the slopes. The snow made for maintenance can have a ratio of 2,5.

Snow thickness on the slope

The snow thickness depends on the slope. The relation we use is: Snow thickness [cm] = Slope [%], with a minimum value set to 15 cm.
For slopes exposed to the sun or with a rough and stony ground, this value is incresed by 50%.

Amount of snow

During the winter season thereís the need to restore the snow thickness depending on the meteorological conditions. Without precipitations this amount of snow can be estimated at nearly twice the theoretic volume needed for the first covering. The total amount of snow will hence be three times the first need.